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Door Hangers in Orange County – Let the Written Word Speak for You

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Door Hangers are NOT Dead in Orange County

The written word continues to be mankind's most important achievement to date. Since the dawn of civilization, it has been used to communicate thoughts and ideas, record history and spread knowledge throughout the world. As this medium is something that virtually all cultures understand and appreciate, it is a critical tool for sharing information, and has been used to advertise products and services for many thousands of years.
In today's modern digital age where the Internet is by far the most prevalent of communication tools, it is reasonable to wonder if the printed word still has the same effect it once did. In recent years the answer may have been no, but more and more advertisers are returning to print form to sell their services, and with good reason.
The Online Marketplace
Electronic advertisements began to take a powerful hold within the marketing industry in the late 1990s as the Internet became the fastest and most efficient way to reach the highest concentration of consumers with the least amount of effort or cost. This elevated to another level with the advent of YouTube, and again with the popularization of social media as videos and written adverts could be circulated amongst our peers with the click of a button. If a particular message resonates with the masses it can go "viral”, with millions of shares in a single week. However, this trend cannot be sustained forever and the world is beginning to find itself oversaturated with online advertisements.  Consumers have come to expect so many cheap gimmicks and emotional exploitation with these marketing tactics that many people simply tune them out and as a result, advertisers are lost in the electronic static.
The Revitalization of the Printed Word
Marketing your business with door hangers in Orange County has once again become a powerful tool to draw attention to your products and services. While consumers are overwhelmed with the abundance of advertising online, this simpler method of communication catches our attention like nothing digital ever could. Seeing a lone brochure strategically placed on the entrance to our home may draw our attention explicitly and unlike our digital selves, our real life hands have no choice but to touch it, while our natural curiosity may ensure that we take in the information provided. This type of marketing strategy, which once seemed to be eclipsed by online presentations, has found itself in the interesting position of once again becoming unique. By providing residents with a simple, easy description of what your company is all about and how you can be contacted, door hangers in Orange County are the perfect way to have others take notice, and present an easy-to-keep on-hand reference for those who receive it. This allows your advertisement to remain not only in the home, but also in the minds of potential new customers far longer than anything that flashes across a computer screen.

Door Hangers as Effective Advertising

Are you looking to bring in new customers and make a statement about your business? If so, door hangers are a great way to get your message out to the world. Door hangers are a wonderful tool that can help welcome new customers to your business. Placing a door hanger on a residents door is very personal. They know that someone had to take the time to walk up to your door and onto your porch just to provide information about a company, which makes them feel special and valued.

Whether you’re a cell phone company, gym or restaurant-you can reach out personally to your customers by using door hangers. Offer a free blue tooth headpiece, a personal training session or a free appetizer on your door hanger. By offering something that the customer wouldn’t receive any other way, you’re enticing them to come to your business and check it out.

Door hangers are very cost effective. Door hangers are inexpensive to print, and distributers can hand them out in local neighborhoods or canvas other neighborhoods quickly. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to reach your target audience, door hangers are the most inexpensive way to do so. We can make sure that your door hanger is interesting and relevant, and that you’ll see an increase in new customers.

Door-Hanger Advertising: Still Among the Best Ways to Generate Leads

Recently, advertisers have turned to the internet to get their product out there and create a buzz. There was a time when placing online ads was thought of as creative and revolutionary. However, that is no longer the case today. As companies are starting to go online with their ad campaigns, the clutter has become too prevalent that online users tend to just "shut off” their brains to ads that they see. Their protective barrier is up as soon as they see an ad and so communicating your message becomes tough if not all together, impossible.

So what other options do advertisers have if online advertising does not always work? Well, sometimes, it pays to go back to basics. Before there was television and the internet, people relied on written materials to learn about the latest products, service and events. That is exactly what Door-Hanger advertising is all about.

Look at it this way, don’t you feel better when you get an actual letter delivered to you by mail than to just receive an email? That little tinge of "personalized-touch” makes all the difference in the world. The same is true with advertising. Why broadcast to the world (when some people may not even care about a message) when all you need to tap is a certain few? If that is the case, why not talk to them in a personal level? That is exactly what Door-Hanger advertising does. It delivers the relevant advertising message directly to the doorstep of the audience.

So what are the benefits of door-hanger advertising?

Well, to begin with, it will not cost you half of what a television ad will cost. It is easy on your pockets but also effective in delivering the message because you do not always need to have the biggest reach. Sometimes, all you need is to reach the right audience. Second, it is very personal in its approach. Because your message is relevant to the people, they are more likely to respond to your ad than simply get the message out there to as many people as possible. It will compel them to act which is exactly what a good ad material is all about. It is cost efficient , personalized and effective. That makes it one of the best ways to generate leads.

Why You Should Consider Door Hanger Advertising for Your Business

Door hanger advertising in Orange County is a cost effective exception to most typical forms of direct marketing. In the US, we’re often victims of that old mentality of bigger is always better. Sadly, this is no longer the case. We’ve gotten as big as we can and it’s no longer having the same effect it once did. It’s why billboard advertising isn’t as popular as it once was for small to medium-sized companies. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider purchasing some door hangers Orange County for your business.


Door hangers will always be more affordable than most forms of advertising. Buy them in bulk and you can further reduce the costs of production. You’ll regularly find discounts so you can continue to lower the prices.

Reach Everyone

You can reach everyone. Think of how it works in a small community. For example, you could be advertising the local gym. Private distribution teams can saturate any target most areas within a matter of days. You aren’t relying on someone driving by a certain location to spot an advertisement. You’re going to them instead, which gives you accurate numbers for how many people you’re reaching.

Communication Guaranteed

The main challenge faced by advertisers is encouraging people to act, whether this is by visiting a certain place or sending them a message. Door hanger advertising encourages people to do just that. It’s very personal since the ad was delivered to the front door. They’ve targeted you directly. This fact alone encourages people to take a look at what you have to offer.

Read Now

Unlike letters, you don’t have to put any effort into finding out what they say. You don’t have to open them or unfold the paper. All you have to do is direct your gaze towards the hanger and you can read. This is the same principle marketer’s use on posters. The large font catches the eye so you can understand what the message is within a few seconds.

With door hangers Orange County you’re doing the same thing. Use a big title and your target will spot it from a distance. With this personal yet cost-effective touch, you’re increasing your response rates and getting more bangs for your buck!

Door-Hanger Advertising Shout Out a Message

Though the world is now basically run by the power of the internet, marketing strategies shouldn’t be restricted to online only. Offline marketing campaign is as essential as benefiting from the open-features of the internet.  Businesses nowadays have become extremely competitive. Generating leads could sometimes be as hard as picking needles in the hay. There are several customary methods of generating leads and they are as powerful as creating online video campaigns, developing striking web designs, or sending massive automated emails and newsletters to inform the public of your products or services. Generating leads starts from prospecting, and offline prospecting has always benefited many times over from activities such as cold calling, door-knocking and door-hanger advertising. These are cost-effective methods that require more investment of your time and effort rather than large amounts of money.


Prospecting has always been the building block of businesses to generate leads and strike new deals. Doing away with prospecting and relying on your customers to come to you is not the best method to increase sales, establish a steady flow of income and build dependable and enduring customer base. Door-hanger advertising has been and will always be one of the most effective methods of prospecting.


What is Door-Hanger Advertising?


Door knocking allows you to personally pitch your business name, product or services to your potential customers or clients. However, knocking on doors without specific door hangers to hand out is not as effective as handing out or leaving behind advertising materials. When you leave behind a door-hanger, chances are it will be looked at by the homeowner, visiting guests or neighbors when they enter or leave the house. Considering, of course, that the materials are interesting enough to read or even deserving a second glance.


Bear in mind that when you employ door-knocking tactics, you are delivering your campaign mails in person. Hence, your door-hanger advertising campaign materials need to be well-planned, well-organized and well-crafted to ensure that they hang on the door long enough to get noticed and be taken inside the house rather than straight to the trash bin.


Tips for Door Hanger Shout Out a Messages


Remember that the door hanger you leave behind or hand out to your prospects should make a strong pitch or statement of your business. They should be professional designed materials that: Gets your prospects attention, makes an irresistible offer, and encourages action.


Who Can Benefit From Door-Hanger Advertising?


The benefits of door-hanger advertising caters to all companies. For example, Home improvement companies can gain a lot from door-hanger campaigns as these materials go straight to the every place that needs their products and services. Home improvement door hangers should have striking images of items such as flooring, furniture, decors, wall paint, wall decals, bedding sets and all other home improvement products that a certain company specializes in retailing, producing or servicing.


Another type of business that benefits from door-hanger advertising campaigns are retail stores. Cell phone and cell phone accessories business’ are product-oriented companies and are operating in thousand different establishments in a region or district. Competition is extremely high, especially when  advertising through broadcast or web advertising. A powerful marketing campaign using direct-mail advertising is a perfect strategy to successfully generate leads.


For establishments who specialize in providing services aside from products such as gyms and fitness centers, restaurants, beauty salons and spas, and tutorial services can also generate leads or prospect clients through door hangers.


Many business companies conduct surveys to collect data on how door-hanger advertising generates leads and gets customers for businesses. No matter how diverse the methods are in these surveys, results unanimously agree that door-hangers are a powerful way to generating leads getting customers for businesses.